We are a social and solidarity-based company situated in the Hauts-de-France area. Since 2007, we conceive solutions to upcycle food service waste in a local distribution channel.

To sum it up, Gecco collects and transforms your waste into renewable energies!


Our business project

“Our philosophy is to make a specific kind of economy a reality : an economy that serves both the environment and the mankind, and which creates jobs and wealth for territories.

Gecco’s team daily works on the ecological and solidarity-based transition, while offering to its customers local waste recovery solutions.

Gecco is also a scientific research laboratory which develops innovative eco-products that come from collected garbage, by putting in practice the principles of eco-conception.

Finnaly, we bring expertise to other territories by leading local actors to the creation and the development of a local waste up cycling industry.”

Michel Millares, Gecco's director general