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Gecco is certified by the French Government « Social and Solidarity-based Company » (ESUS) since 13th December 2007

This project takes place in the field of the Social and Solidarity-based Economy. Thus, the priority is to create a social and environmental betterment, not to make profit.
Therefore, the two interrelated axes are: the environment (technological research for a more sustainable development) and social issues (employment and working conditions).


It is the purpose of our company: to upgrade waste. Previously, a huge majority of discarded frying oil was contaminating water or was incinerated. Gecco recycle them to give them a second life, by minimising its footprint on the environment not only during its use but on his whole life circle.

With this line of thinking, our company has chosen a global strategy, by buying recycled and valuable products, and by reducing drastically waste production. The product is analysed in terms of life cycle (LCA: Life-Cycle Assessment). It means that the impact on the environment is analysed on the whole life of the product, from raw material to final consumption, including also intermediate needs necessary to its production. The LCA is regulated by ISO standards 14 040.

Re-using waste is not without significance: the aim is to get the most out of a natural raw material!


Human resources here are not a way to optimise profit. The aim is to gather a team, in good working conditions, able to implement and product a societal and environmental betterment.
Maximising the proportion of payroll in the added value is one of the project objectives, by giving sufficient salaries which are not excessive, and by sharing working time, meaning a better wealth distribution. All this in the limits of financial capacity generated by the structure.
The company has among its purposes to create employment, to improve working conditions and to develop research to an environmental profit, without seeking uncontrolled profit maximisation. Therefore, it is a fully social economy project.


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