A 12 years-old experience of food service waste collection and upcycling.


Gecco is a Social and Solidarity-based Economy company created in 2007 which has specialized in food service waste recovery. We bring concrete answers to carry out the ecological and solidarity-based transition. We offer innovative solutions that aim at locally transforming food service waste into renewable energies and new raw materials.

Through its activities, Gecco inscribes itself in Green Growth while participating in the decrease of non-reused waste volume. Our activity is focused on the research of good solutions for territories and the environment, that are both local jobs and wealth makers.

We have created a local upcycling industry of used food oils transformation into biodiesel/biofuel and bio-lubricant. We develop solutions coming from leftovers (bio-waste) and bean coffee grounds.


What are Gecco’s core values?

  • First, the local collection of voluntary contribution points, collective kitchens, food-processing industries, and restaurant owners’ waste,
  • Then, the local reuse of the garbage: biodiesel, bio-lubricant…,
  • Finally, the local consumption of the product: the use of biodiesel in transport vehicles and public services, lubricant for chainsaws…
Michel Millares
Michel Millares, Gecco's director general


“Our philosophy is to make a specific kind of economy a reality : an economy that serves both the environment and the mankind, and which creates jobs and wealth for territories.

Gecco’s team daily works on the ecological and solidarity-based transition, while offering to its customers local waste recovery solutions.

Gecco is also a scientific research laboratory which develops innovative eco-products that come from collected garbage, by putting in practice the principles of eco-conception.

Finnaly, we bring expertise to other territories by leading local actors to the creation and the development of a local waste up cycling industry.”


  • A 12 years-old experience

  • 10 times more jobs created in comparison with the fuel industry (concerning Gecco’s biodiesel) 

  • < 2000 collected establishments in the Hauts-de-France area

  • 4100 tons of waste collected in 2020

  • Greenhouse gas emissions of 980 French inhabitants/year are offset *

  • – 95% of greenhouse gas emissions in comparison with the fuel industry *

    * concerning Gecco’s biosdiesel


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