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Chain oils made of used vegetal oil

Chain oils are single use lubricant. Today, classic chain oils have mineral origins. Thus, they are composed by hydrocarbons that drop on the floor during their utilization and finally link into groundwater tables, which is the first source of forest pollution.

In order to reduce soil and groundwater tables pollution, we propose you a vegetal and biodegradable chain oil, made of locally collected used vegetal oil. This oil, specially produced to lubricate chainsaw chains, is adapted for every felling, pruning and sawing works.

  • Viscosity index >180
  • Biodegradable by up to 90% after 30 days
  • Summer option: resistance to coldness to 0°C.
  • Winter option: resistance to coldness to -15°C.

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Logs made of bean coffee grounds

More performant, easier to use and to stock than traditional wood, our logs which are made of bean coffee grounds will ease your life!

Valoflam logs, which are products of the circular economy, are a mix of products from the wood industry (shredded wood and sawdust) and bean coffee grounds. They are 100% natural and very dry.

Thanks to bean coffee grounds, our logs have a higher calorific power and enable a faster climb in temperature. A Valoflam log equals the use of 3 or 4 classic wood logs.

  • compatible with fireplace and wood-burner
  • composed by bean coffee grounds and wood sawdust
  • calorific power > 5,000 kW/ton
  • autonomy in a closed fireplace or a fireplace insert: 1h30 (day log) or 6h (special night log)
  • dry product < 10% of humidity
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Biodiesel made of used vegetal oil

The biodiesel upcycling industry, a pilot experimentation in Hauts-de-France. In partnership with the Environment Ministry, and in the logic of the 3 rd regional industrial revolution (Rev3), Gecco now fuels 3 vehicles in Lille with its locally produced biodiesel: a coach, a street washing machine and a street sweeper.

Still in an experimentation phase, the project is supported by the Hauts-de-France region, the European Commission (BIOHEC-LIFE project) and McCain group.

By collecting, transforming and locally consuming, we obtain the following results:

  • 95% of greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide, methane, ozone…) less in comparison to the gas-oil industry.
  • 43% of particles less during the gas evacuation in a 30% utilization.
  • 10 times more jobs in comparison to the diesel industry for an equivalent volume of production.
  • a priority given to public transport services, with more people transported for the same amount of consumed Kw!

Currently, Gecco allows to compensate the excess of 500 average French inhabitants’ greenhouse gas emissions. The development of its bio-technologic method in local industry will strongly increase its impact.

Nonetheless, be careful: it is not a matter of running with used cooking oils, but to produce a biodiesel produced by the organic recovery of used cooking oils.