Are you a restaurant owner and you need a cleaning of your grease trap? You are in Lille or Hauts de France?

First, we come on the spot to clean your ferry. Indeed it is advisable to clean the tank at least every 6 months.

Rates will be sent to you on request of quote.

Warning ! Now the MEL 

the installation of a grease trap for the restaurateurs:

“Article 24.3: Special case of non-domestic effluents requiring pre-treatment.
Pre-treatments are mandatory, especially in the following cases:
• for restaurants, community or business kitchens, butcher shops, chip shops, delicatessens, caterers, pastry shops and all fat-producing food activities: the need for a grease trap. “
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What is a grease trap?

The grease trap, grease trap, or grease trap, traps fats, oils, and solids from kitchen and washing water. This prevents them from fouling the pipes.

Fonctionnement d’un bac à graisse

The operation of the grease tray is very simple :

  • The greywater arrives through the sewage pipe.

  • Fats, lighter than water, separate from it and rise to the surface.

  • The drain pipe is located below the inlet pipe and allows drainage of water without grease to the all-water pit.

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Grease tray maintenance

The grease trap should be maintained regularly: approximately every six months. For this, Gecco offers its services to remove fat accumulated on the surface. The grease trap also holds sand or other heavy waste that settles to the bottom, which should also be evacuated after draining the tank. Gecco cleans your tank from top to bottom!

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We support project leaders in other territories for the establishment of waste collection and recovery channels for catering.

Gecco also carries out consulting and audit engagements in terms of quality-environment-safety and eco-design.