Your activity creates bean coffee grounds?

This section is made for you!

Gecco proposes you a regular collection of your bean coffee grounds. We ensure you the traceability and the treatment of your waste in compliance with the regulation.

The price will be transmitted to you by simply requesting for an estimate.

Our service :

  • We provide you barrels or rolling containers that suit your needs,
  • Your waste is reused in compliance with regulations,
  • This collection goes along with a written evidence document,
  • You boost your eco-friendly reputation. 

The waste and its regulation:

Bean coffee ground is a specific bio-waste to which Gecco dedicates a local upcycling unit. The collected waste is then transformed into logs and heating granules. Other recoveries are currently studied.

To know more about how we valorize your coffee grounds, you can check out our webpage Our products !


Bean coffee ground is a bio-waste that must be valorized according to articles R543-225 to 227 and decree from 12/07/11.

if you produce more than 10 tons of bean coffee grounds per year, a selective collection at the root and an organic reuse must be implemented.As a producer of this garbage, you have to register the quantities, modalities of treatment and final destinations of waste. 

You have to ensure the compliance with the regulation of the service providers that are responsible for the transport and the treatment of your waste.