You are a restaurant owner ? You need a cleaning of your degreaser container ?

This section is made for you!

You are a restaurant owner and you need a cleaning of your degreaser container?

We come and see to clean your degreaser container. We ensure you the traceability and the treatment of your waste in compliance with the regulation.

The price will be transmitted to you by simply requesting for an estimate.

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deGreaser container

What is a degreaser container?

A grease container, grease divider or degreaser container, catches greases, oils and solid materials that come from kitchen and washing machine waters. It avoids that they dirty pipes.

How does it work?

A grease container functioning is quite simple:
Household waters arrive from the sewage pipe.
Greases, which are lighter than water, separate themselves from the latter and resurface.

The drain pipe is located below the entrance pipe and allows a water draining without any grease to the water pit. Source:

Upkeep of a degreaser container

It is important to frequently upkeep the grease container, approximately twice a year. For that maintenance, Gecco proposes you its services to withdraw greases that has accumulated at the surface. The grease container also catches sand and other heavy waste that lay on the floor and which must be drained after the draining of the container. Gecco cleans your container from top to bottom!


Having a grease container is compulsory for restaurants, collective or company kitchens, butcheries, French fries sellers, pork butcheries, caterers, bakeries and every other food activities that create greases:


As a producer of this garbage, you have to ensure the compliance with the regulation of the service providers that are responsible for the transport and the treatment of your waste.