You are a restaurant owner? You produce fermentescibles?

This section is made for you!

Gecco proposes you a regular collection of your fermentescibles. We ensure you the traceability and the treatment of your bio-waste in compliance with the regulation.

The price will be transmitted to you by simply requesting for an estimate.

Our service: 

  • We provide you rolling containers that suit your needs,
  • Your waste is reused in compliance with regulations,
  • This collection goes along with a written evidence document,
  • You boost your eco-friendly reputation.

For additional information, please call the 0 805 692 115.


This notion refers to every waste that is bio-degradable, not hazardous, and which comes from:

  • restaurants, caterers or retail outlets,
  • food production or transformation establishments,
  • gardens or parks.

A reuse by Gecco

We reuse the fermentescibles we collect in a methanation upcycling industry. This method enables to get biogas (bio-methane) thanks to the deterioration of the organic material by microorganism, in the absence of oxygen and in controlled conditions.

Methanation has many assets:

  • recovery of waste in renewable energy for heating and transport (bio GNV),
  • decongestion of other waste treatment industries that deal with bio-waste,
  • reduction of greenhouse gas for heating and transport.


“From as January 1 st of 2012, people who produce or possess important quantities of waste, in majority composed by bio-waste are urged to implement a sorting at the root and an organic reuse of the material in order to reduce greenhouse gas and to favor the back to the ground model” (environmental code, article L. 541-21-2).

Articles R543-225 to 227 and decree from 12/07/11 make compulsory the sorting and the organic reuse of this waste for businesses which produce more than 10tons of bio-waste per year. The service provider which ensures the reuse of bio-waste must provide a written evidence dealing with the quantities of bio-waste treated and with the modalities of its recovery. That written evidence will at least precise the quantities, places and modalities of treatment, as well as the final destination of waste and the compliance with the regulation of the treatment installation.

Bio-waste is categorized as “animal products, category 3” (SPA3). The service provider thus has to be approved as SPA3 and must guarantee a recovery in compliance with that regulation. Sanctions for a lack of respect of the regulation can reach:

  • 75,000€ and 2 years of jail for not having implemented the sorting at the root of bio-waste (article L 541-46)
  • 150,000€ for the lack of respect of the sorting, obligations of recovery and traceability.