You use goblets?

This section is made for you!

Gecco proposes you a regular collection of your goblets. We ensure you the traceability and the treatment of your plastic cups in compliance with the regulation.

The price will be transmitted to you by simply requesting for an estimate.

Our service:

  • We provide you cup collectors that suit your needs,
  • Your waste is reused in compliance with regulations,
  • This collection goes along with a written evidence document,
  • You boost your eco-friendly reputation.

For additional information, please call the 0 085 692 115 (Green N °)

Valorization of goblets

4 billion of plastic cups are thrown each year in France. For instance, drink dispensers generate in average 30,000 plastic cups per year for 100 employees. This garbage is voluminous, rarely reused, and triggers treatment costs that are higher and higher.

By implementing a selective collection with Gecco, your goblets will be grinded and transformed into polystyrene or polyethylene granules. They will become new raw materials used in the plastic industry for injection, extrusion or 3D printing. You will thus help to reduce the consumption of non-renewable materials and to create jobs in France!

Are goblets concerned by the ban on disposable dishes by up to 2020?

No, cups of warm or cold drinking (coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soups…) supplied by automatic drink dispensers, but also professional coffee machines and water fountain are not concerned by the measure.

In fact, the article 73 of the law related to the energetic transition for Green Growth mentions that “At the latest at January 1 st of 2020, it will be putted a stop to the supply of disposable plastic cups, glass and plates for kitchen table, except those which can be turned into domestic compost and which are composed, for all or part, by organic materials”. Thus, plastic cups distributed in professional offices are not submitted to the law, as well as the Ecologic and Solidarity-based Transition Minister added in his questions and answers document (question 6).

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However, in order to reduce the production of single use products waste, it is strongly advised to users of this kind of machine to use their own reusable containers, for example at work places, or to propose recycling solutions or reusable containers.