If you are restaurateurs; collective, traditional or snacks, this section is for you!

This service is free, contact us at: 0 085 692 115 (Green N °).

Or you can apply online!

For that nothing more simple, contact us on collecte@gecco.fr
or by phone on 0 805 692 115 to benefit from the service of online collection request. In this case, we will provide you with the login details that will allow you to log in to your online account. To register your requests for live collection, but also to access the history of collections carried out in your establishment.

To know :

  • It is a free and regular collection service,
  • We provide drums adapted to your needs,
  • Your waste is in accordance with the regulations,
  • And that reinforces your eco-responsible image.

Waste and its regulation:


To start the frying oils are a waste to high energy potential . We can find them in a large number

restaurants (collective and private), hospitals, waste collection (waste of individuals ), Agrifoods industries

Subsequently, the frying oil can be processed and transformed into biodiesel can be incorporated in diesel fuel.

  • That’s 150,000 tonnes of used frying oil are produced each year in France (Source ADEME),
  • 7% of biodiesel on average is already incorporated into road diesel (mainly from agriculture),
  • And local authorities can introduce up to 30% biodiesel into the diesel in their captive fleet.

Essentially environmental, this solution makes it possible to reach the European objectives in terms of

1st generation fuel.