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You use oil for cooking?

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  • to access your establishment collection history.

It must be known that:

  • Collection service is frequent and free,
  • We provide you barrels that suit your needs,
  • Your waste is reused in compliance with regulations,
  • You boost your eco-friendly reputation.

Used cooking oils

This waste family gathers vegetal oils and animal greases that served to cook foodstuffs. 

Those oils have deteriorated during the cooking, because of temperature and contact with other foodstuffs. They progressively become unsuitable for consumption.

Cooking oils have a strong energetic potential: once treated and transformed into biodiesel, they are blended in diesel or used pure.

  • at least 90 000 tones of used cooking oils are produced every year in France (Source: ADEME),
  • 1kg of used cooking oil allows to produce 1liter of biodiesel, -oil is also valorized into bio-lubricant and heating fuel.

To know more about how we valorize your oils, you can check out our page Our products !


Decree 2008-184 specifies that food oils become unsuitable for consumption, and thus have to be changed, when:

  • polar compounds rate is over 25%,
  • or polymer rate is over 14%,
  • or free fatty acid rate is over 5%.

Articles R543-225 to 227 and decree from 12/07/11 make compulsory the sorting and the organic reuse of this waste for businesses which produce more than 60kg of used food oils per year.

As a producer of this garbage, you have to register the quantities, modalities of treatment and final destinations of waste. You have to ensure the compliance with the regulation of the service providers that are responsible for the transport and the treatment of your waste.